2014 Grammy Winners

Highlights of the 2014 Grammy Winners

The Grammy awards that are held on an annual basis have already come and gone. This year, it was the 56th time of their holding and had 82 categories from which a winner emerged. They included a landmark of activities and events that include lots of moments in the musical industry. One of these categories included the performance by a New Zealand teenager, the marriage of 33 couples that took place on stage, the reunion of the Beatles and the dominant performance by a pair of robots from France.

The most awards that were scooped this year’s from the Grammy awards were the five. In this sense, among the Grammy winners 2014 were a group that is commonly known better as the Daft Punk. They are the ones who managed to take home the most awards and which were the most that were received by any of the acts this year. Despite all these fame and prestige, the pair remained quiet under their customary helmets that are usually shiny. This was throughout the opportunities that they were provided with to give their multiple acceptance speeches. Instead, it is their collaborators who include Nile Rodgers, who is the guitarist who did the talking on their behalf.

Besides this group there are a lot more other artists who came from the Staples Center where the Grammy Awards ceremony was held with happy faces. These were:
• Pharell Williams: Apparently, the biggest winners for the night and the entire year were Daft Punk. Nonetheless, they also have their partners in crime who experienced almost the same kind of Grammy glory like they did. He went home with four awards of the Grammy glory for himself. This was in addition to that which he received owing to the help he provided during the making of the Random Access Memories. This was the most initial electronic album that won a major award. The first one to acquire this award did in 1978 and had the title Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. His personal awards include the producer of the year award in non classical. He achieved all this glory despite being shut out on Blurred Lines in his collaboration with Robin Thicke.

• Country music: This genre of music is commonly labeled the pop music. It has been progressively but steadily gaining entry into the mainstream music industry. The most recent is during the Grammy awards ceremony where it had some of its performers take part in the ceremony. Some of them are Hunter Hayes, Taylor swift, in addition to Kacey Musgraves. It varied in quality from a handful of slightly such as Blake Shelton and the extreme much like Willie Nelson in relation to the much older musical acts. They deserved to be among the Grammy winners 2014 in the sense that they made rap and rock to appear like dwarf offerings. They act as an indication that more of the same performances can be continued throughout the year within the music business from the Country Cash Kings who have brought about a new class and level of prosperity.
• Lorde: In reality she has been a dominant figure in the airwaves throughout the fall period. However, not at any time did she come close to the favorite song of the year title that she won in the Royals and which is chosen unanimously. This track was also able to win the best performance under pop solo. With this, she was able to manage a win as the youngest artist in a category that was besides that of the best and new artist. For the latter title, she had been initially snubbed inexplicably. Both of her wins were equal to the totals that Jay Z made. He was the leader in this particular field after having scooped a total of 8 nominations.
• Equality in Marriage: an exemplary performance included the 33 couples who were being married from a wide variety of sexual orientations. This event took place during the “same Love” by Ryan Levis and Macklemore. It is this aspect that made the equality in marriage to manage a win at the Grammys. In addition, it is the heartfelt duet that was performed by Sara Barailles alongside Carolle king, which includes some “brave” parts that also made it possible for this category to win the Grammys. However, the highest and most intriguing performer among them all was the “Follow your arrow” rendition that was performed by Kacey Musgraves who was considered to be the sleeper in this case. It contained a number of exhortations that fell at some position between the above mentioned songs and “I kissed a girl” frivolous performance by Katy Perry. It is the latter, which was performed with much more country affiliation that added more meaning top the latter song .

• With the unorthodox jukebox, Bruno Mars was able to win the best album of pop vocals.
• Jay Z with the appearance of Justin Timberlake in Holy Grail managed the award of best Rap and collaboration in singing.
• Pat Smear, Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, and Krist Nosolevic got an award in best song in rap with the “Cut me some slack”.
• Led Zeppellin managed the best album under rock with “celebration day”
• Black Sabbath with his song “God is dead?” won the Best performance under metal.
• Vampire weekend got an award in best album in alternative music with the song “Modern vampires of the city”
• Imagine dragons with his “Radioactives” got an award in best performance under Rock.
• Kacey Musgraves who performed the “Merry Go Round” with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnnally scooped the award under Country songs.
• Darius Rucker got the award of Best performance in country solo with his “Wagon Wheel”.
• The Civil wars with “From this valley” attained the best duo in country and the best group performance awards.
• Draco Rosa attained the best album in Latin Pop award with “Vida”.
• Pacific mambo Orchestra got the best album in tropical Latin with “pacific mambo orchestra”
• Mandisa, with “Overcomer” attained the best album in contemporary music.
• Tye Tribbet got the best gospel album awards with “Greater than”

All of the Grammy winners 2014 similarly to the ones before them were all happy, stunned and appeared to be blown away through their expressions that they could not believe the turn of events at that particular time.