2017 Grammy Nominees


2017 Grammy Nominees


3 years ago me and Sean Famoso was driving on our way to the Grammy Awards. We looked at each other and he said to me I don’t really want to go if I don’t have an artist nominated and I said I don’t really want to go if I’m not nominated. Needless to say he will be attending the Grammys this year!  He’s Artist D.R.A.M. got nominated for Best Rap Sung Collabo with their record titled Broccoli.   

Proud moment for me. I love seeing my peoples win!

Also super excited for Mya who’s been nominated for Best R&B Album with her album title Smooth JonesMya has always been an A1 person. My very first vip experience was with her, back when I was young and stupid…But yea Mya has been consistently putting out good albums and who grind has been incomparable for YEARS. I’m super excited for her and that just got me super motivated to continue on my journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys

Click here to Read “Better than Drake and Young Thug” lol

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