4 Pairs of Shoes

4 Pairs of Shoes

Last weekend I was busy volunteering at Charles McCree Project Walk a Mile in my Shoes charity shoe drive, I began chatting with one of the guys from Atlanta’s Streetz 94 radio station. He had asked me if I donated any of my shoes and I explain how I was donating my time instead cause I only had 4 pairs of shoes. He’s response was that he didn’t believe that I only had 4 pairs of shoes and how he doesn’t know one woman that only has 4 pairs of shoes. lol

This was probably first time in a long while that I sat back and looked at all my material possessions. I thought to myself like dang….Why do I only have 4 pairs of shoes? You know every since 5th grade when I got vision that I am supposed to be a rapper, every single day I wake up thinking and working toward achieving this goal. One thing I had to learn was to stop focusing on what everybody else is doing or has done and learn to inspire. I believe when we look at what everyone else is doing we limit ourselves to their standards. I realized that I’ve done a lot of investing in my career and If I use just 1 of those 4 pairs shoes #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys I know I’m going to okay.

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