5 Keys to Success

5 Keys to Success



Recently people have been hitting me letting me know the my journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys has been an inspiration for them.

Sunday I was interviewed on the For the Culture Show on Highly Unique Radio. I had the pleasure of sharing my new single Silicon Valley along with some key things that lead to success I describe in the song.

1)Faith:  “Everybody ain’t evolved, Now they walk on the roads I’ve paved 

But didn’t agree with the vision I saw.”

ie. Record labels didn’t believe in Mp3’s when they first came out. Now their entire catalog is on iTunes.

Some people won’t understand your vision…because it’s your vision and not their vision. Everybody don’t have 20/20, in fact most people don’t so I understand what or why I do something may be unclear to some.


2) Work Ethic: “Ok tell them I’ve been working all day,

Traded sleep for money in the bank”

I work on my music goal, ALL THE TIME. Whether is writing, performing, promoting, marketing networking, learning how to be better ect. I often think I’m on the boarder line of insanity because I don’t think about anything else.

3) Fearless Scarface: “Past life dark inside,

If I tell you the story bring the flashlight”

Man right now my budget is so tight that having a meal outside the grocery store makes for a good week.

4) Persistence: “Breaking barriers on a day to day”

I don’t know what or when my break though may be but everyday I’m expanding my mind, network and creating entity that will remove barriers.

5) Beyond Feelings:  “People fold they arms while I drown in the lake,

Say they proud when I swim to shore”

When no one wants to help, keep swimming. I think our feelings are the #1 reason why we have such a hard time with this journey to success. Only going beyond my feelings of people not doing what I would like them to do, or  worrying about what they will say about me is when the journey becomes shorter. People are going to talk about you while your on your journey and congratulate you when you make it. Life is complicated but I do my best to try and make it easier for others.


Listen to the quotes you just read in my new single Silicon Valley below!

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