9 Rappers

9 Rappers



People often ask me, Rochelle…Why don’t you collab with a bunch of other rappers?? Well here are the following reasons:

  • Number one content. There was a period of time where I wasn’t doing collabs with NOBODY. I was going through a lifestyle change and I had to figure out how that would reflect in my music. (If you ever notice that the majority of my content what you would typically hear.)
  • A lot of people just want to just want to quick flip records cross their fingers and hope something happens. They have no real plan for the record outside of that. I would probably still be doing stuff like that if I was still in hobby mode but I’m in career mode so I have to execute a lot differently. The keep putting out a bunch of records is cool but my business model is different. I’d rather put out more quality records and work them. But there is evidence behind both those business models working but for me and my brand are leaning more toward the quality.
  • A lot of rappers aren’t serious. Aside from the fact of that one rapper couldn’t get on the remix because when we were going go record the studio died lol…Out of 9 rappers asked only 1 sent me back a verse. I had a plan, (see there I have plans for my records) to do something really big with the remixes but couldn’t do it cause I only got one completed version back. Although that idea died, I can at least let you enjoy the below Closest 1’s remix with Breezy Castilleo.


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