A Civil meeting with Karen

A Civil meeting with Karen

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It takes a lot to get my attention these days. Certain qualities must present themselves and one thing that always stands out for me is a person’s character. That’s one of the first things I noticed when I seen Karen Civil. I tend to pay attention to people who carry themselves in honorable fashions. Each day I personally take the opportunity to grow to become a better person, so what often attracts me is people’s character qualities. It’s always the people I see out working hard everyday, those who do good despite of being done wrong and people who desire to be a service for others that instinctively captures my attention.

Something as small as Karen staying after a panel to greet everyone was pretty dope to me. Sometimes it’s the little extra time you spend that make a big difference in people’s lives. In a fast paced world where we are constantly surrounded by distractions, figure out who are those diamonds in the rough and what makes that a person a diamond in the rough to you. What makes Karen Civil a diamond to me is her character qualities that sparked in the mist of her surroundings.

I am always happy when I come across a person like that and  that  quality spark is what I always aim create in my music. Here is a personal story of the makings of my spark.

For more on Karen Civil make sure you visit her site here

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I’m very excited that Karen Civil seen my post but I’m even more happy to have introduced some of my fanbase to Karen Civil and her site!

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