A Conversation with Shanti Das & Killer Mike

They really set the tone of the Choose ATL initiative with Shanti Das & Killer Mike. I already live in Atlanta but hearing them speak just made me glad that I made the decision to stay in Atlanta. I have always been super supportive of Shanti Das and all she does. Before I lived in Atlanta she helped me when I was at one of my desperate moments and out of that moment birthed an irrevocable loyalty . Her years of experience in Atlanta’s entertainment scene does not go unnoticed .She recently had an appearance on Jermaine Dupri’s new show The Rap Game sharing her marketing expertise with the contestants . Not only has she made her mark in entertainment but also in the city with the various charity works she’s constantly involved in .

Killer Mike is more than a rapper, he’s an activist within the community as well. Seeing him speak on that day brought more realization to ideas that when I get older I’m def going to be an activist. Killer Mike speaks on behalf people who don’t feel they don’t have a voice . I often speak on certain issue in my music so I can definitely see that expanding to something bigger later on. The conversation Killer Mike really made me put my future in perspective . I thought it was ironic that we have similar ideas about what going on in the tech world and how it’s not much different then what we do as artists. I told him that I just did a record base off that concept and a couple days after I told him the record I did ended up making a big impact with at SXSW.


A Conversation with Shanti Das & Killer Mike was a great way to kick off the Choose ATL initiative. It was one best conversations I seen at SX all week!

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