Adverse Dealings

Adverse Dealings

This last couple weeks I’ve been swept by depression. Been dealing with different delays with my upcoming project, I’m losing my steady income, been feeling like certain people just using me for my money, my music relationships feels like they’re falling apart, I’m frustrated and can’t get out of bed in the mornings. One of the realest conversations my boss has ever had with me was about the storm before success. I know for a fact that I will be worth 26 million this year and I will be receiving those eight Grammys. But I’m starting to think a lot of about business and relationships.

As time continues to pass this revelation get more and more clear to me that relationships are more important than business. I feel that business is a earthly man made thing and relationships are a heavenly God made thing. There’s nothing wrong with making money but sometimes I feel like how some conduct business damages relationships….I dunno I’m still piecing together this new revelation but if you have any thoughts on this subject please feel free to reply. @hot16

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2 thoughts on “Adverse Dealings

  1. Just read your blog, so you know as a child of God, FAVOR is your destiny! What God has ordained as yours is yours and not anyone else’s! Protection is your birth right, success, health is your birth right and of coarse grace and mercy, why because you are the King’s daughter!

    Aunt Tanya

  2. Hello,

    I hear and understand where you are coming from Rochelle. I have been dealing with some of the same
    things the past month or so. As an artist and person who has a vision it is important to stay focused on the goal. Problems arise when you are near your success. I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. You are beyond talented and on top of that you have the heart and personality to back it up. I love your craft and respect you as an artist. Thanks for encouraging me. Keep up the good work and see you at the top.

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