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Rochelle “Hot 16” and Sophia Dominquez

All Things VR w/ Sophia Dominguez

I met Sophia a few weeks back and she was telling me about her blog site All Things VR (Virtual Reality). I thought this was perfect opportunity to bridge the gap and introduce my base to little of what’s going on in the tech world leading up to my upcoming single Silicon Valley. I’m really excited about VR. I understand exactly where this is going and I’m amped about it!

I was on Sophia’s blog the other day and I seen this article she posted about StubHub using VR to allow you to have a real preview of the type of view you will have when you select your seats for the arena.





I’m excited for what VR is about to do for the whole entertainment industry. It’s so much that can be created in this aspect. Thankfully I have Sophia’s blog to keep me in the loop, keeping me in the know. Take a look all the things going on the in VR at Sophia’s blog


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