An Electric Evening with Janelle Monae


An Electric Evening with Janelle Monae

This is the perfect example of where your hustle can take you if you go for it. What started off as attending a concert ended up with me in VIP, taking a pic with Janelle Monae, and rapping for her people.

I remember just last month I was watching Janelle on tv doing this super bowl concert thingy and I thought to myself man I wanna open up for Janelle Monae…

What was ironic was when I first came to the W for the concert, I seen DJ Greg Street and he asked me if I was opening up for her. 🙂 I was like not yet but hoping soon. You can’t get to where I am at here without relationships and it was my relationship with God that got me through these doors. I didn’t know anyone to get me into VIP, I don’t know these nice girls I’m taking this picture with and I don’t know Janelle Monae so how did this happen? When you have a calling in your life, GOD WILL MAKE A WAY FOR YOU, all you have to do is show up.


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