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I just want to start by saying…Donald Glover is brilliant. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many consistent visual punch lines. He completely nails it in a way that lets me know he’s 100% been here before.  

In season 2 episode 2 of the series “Paperboy” the rapper is going through some real-life rapper issues. These issues are the reasons why I constantly advise people to go into tech and I always tell people it’s stupid to be famous with no money. 

In the show, Paperboy has a hot song everyone knows about but he’s NOT making money.  Because of the popularity of the song he get’s robbed for a couple bucks from (for a lack of a better term) “Whole Seller” who he needs for his side hustle that brings him income. So now he is really not getting money. 

Next, he ends up getting a meeting at this tech company looking for entertainers to entertain their employees. And Donald paints this picture sooo perfectly. I will cosign every moment of it cause I’ve been there before. I mean he completely nailed it with everyone interactions and all the dialog between the employees and rappers.

But he was giving yall some real-life rapper tea right there…Take note to what’s going on.

But yea if you are not already watching Atlanta I would highly suggest you do so. I think it’s a good and well thought out show and one of the best newer series that come out. I have no idea what time it comes on cause I watch it on demand but ask Siri I’m sure she knows.


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