Salute the Talent: Atlanta’s Favorite Audio Engineer

Atlanta’s Favorite Audio Engineer

KurtCurt x Hot 16 by the board

Rochelle “Hot 16” and Kurtcurt


This the first blog posting of my new “salute the talent” series I’ve created to give you a inside look of exceptional individuals I have personally worked with.

This week I am saluting audio engineer Kurt “Kurtcurt” Lindsay who’s worked with artists such as 2 Chainz, Cyhi The Prynce, Mickey Factz and more!

Me and Kurt worked out of the same spot for a while. During that time I personally got to see he’s work ethic from the many dusk till early afternoon the next day sessions. He always had a great desire to learn and be better in he’s craft. He often took me under his wing to share his knowledge in Pro Tools while providing me with templates and all sorts of good knowledge which I greatly appreciated!  You can always tell who has a passion for what they do. It exudes of their pores and shines through their eyes when they are in their zone. So major salutes to Kurtcurt! I had the great honor of having him record and mix my latest single “Every Dog Has Its Day” produced by J Sky!  Listen to his work below!

Want to connect with Kurtcurt? Check out his website below!














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