Bad Session…

Bad Session


I kinda made a promise not just to talk about the good things every week in these be blogs but I also have to acknowledge the stuff that doesn’t go so well. I had the worst session in my entire life this week. I spent 4 hours recording and I only got a hook and 1 verse done which by the way I’m gonna have to do again….

It’s weird cause I kinda briefly foreseen some things that happened before the session. I’m so deeply frustrated with myself that I’m in a frozen paralysis which causes me to do everything but what I’m supposed to be doing which is fixing the songs. Every time I pull the record up to fix it, I’m just so angry & frustrated with myself which is probably not healthy.

It’s the enemies job to break down your confidence but he’s got to come a lot harder than that. I’m very full of myself. The problem is that I’m operating in two different systems and I have to leave one if want to continue to prosper. It’s harder to talk about it than to just make the shift to do it.


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