Head bobs and arm sways are a testament to a her stage presence. But selling music without a major label is a testament to Rochelle “Hot 16”’s ability to connect with listeners. This Midwest native touched down in Atlanta to establish her name among people truly hungry for authentic music. Rochelle “Hot 16” creates music that has grabbed attention from industry vets like rapper Canibus who said Rochelle “Hot 16” is one of the new-comers he’s excited about. Her music has also open doors for her to perform as an opening act for the block party of music megastars such as Ludacris and Mike Will Made It.

During a time when people seem to speak of good music in past tense, Rochelle “Hot 16” is #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys. She eliminates the need to compete by focusing on her love for the craft and delivering authentic music which automatically sets her apart. Despite pressures and difficulties involved in breaking into the music industry, Rochelle “Hot 16” proves to be a standout jewel in the midst of a lacking market.

Uncertainties in the ever-changing music industry create no doubt in Rochelle “Hot 16”’s ability to succeed. Even with current music trends, she has not abandoned her lyrical stories of independence, success, honesty, respect, relationships, and spirituality. Rochelle “Hot 16” has set out to recount personal experiences and the stories of others to deliver relatable music to her fans, old, new, and future. And, like a coal under pressure, her new music is worth the wait.

To further connect with Rochelle “Hot 16” please visit her social media pages that are listed to the right. Her new EP titled “Rise & Fall” is now available on iTunes.