Bose Headphones > Beats by Dre

Bose Headphones > Beats by Dre

To me Beats by Dre are the most fad type headphones you can buy. I remember one time when I was out of town staying in a hotel, I had to listen to a few mixes my engineers sent me. All I had was those apple earbuds and I never listen to anything that hasn’t been properly mastered on those things so I asked this major producer to let me borrow his headphones and he lent me these wireless beats by Dre headphones.

I had went home for Christmas and I had never got around to giving them back because I knew I was going to see him after the holidays. So he calls me over break and was like you never gave me back my headphones and says it’s ok, I’m at best buy right now about to buy me some more so you can have those Merry Christmas. So I was like oooh no you taking these headphones back. These joints suck! I hope you not buying another pair of those garbage headphones. They are soo uncomfortable and the sound quality isn’t all that great. Hahahaha he was so mad at me, the first day I seen him when I came back he was like give me back my headphones! And I like take em! Hahahaha


Of course when you wait, something better always comes along so S/o to Bose for hooking me up with these new QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones!!! They are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever had. I actually go to bed with these headphones on sometimes. The audio that comes out of these is very clean. You can always trust the Bose brand. They are my favorite consumer audio brand and they always deliver a quality sound. The next Bose product I’m actually looking to get now is their noise cancelling earbuds. So if you’re looking for quality and comfort make sure your next pair of headphones is from Bose.

Check out all their different headphones at their site below.  



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