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I’m a strong believer that the order you create in your life will dictate your actions. For me it’s 1) God  2) Music 3)Everything else. lol. So if you are not in the first two categories my actions with you is pretty much a toss up. I know my order maybe slightly off but that’s my order. So you can really understand my journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys is a really real process. My good buddy Jerimia  just recently joined the army so when he had visiting hours I had to go make sure I went to see him. Well, with my schedule constantly changing I ended up having to shoot my next video for Closest Ones off my project Enough that same weekend. I had to prep for the video shoot on Saturday and we were shooting the joint on Sunday. Jerimia’s visiting hours ended at 9pm and it was the only days while he was down there he was able to have visitors. I was stayed 2 hours away from the base so I was on a tight schedule. So after I got done with the prep for the video on Saturday I went down there for a couple hours and had to drive back, then after my video shoot on Saturday I went back down there a a couple hours again. I thought to myself like man I had to do the most just to see my friend which made me think that this is how the rest of my life will be having to do extra stuff in order to make time for regular things.

I was happy that I was still able to see him without compromising the video or anything I had to do for it.  For me that situation just gave me more confirmation that I ready for this lifestyle. I prepared to go the extra mile with people I rock with after I finished what I had to do musically  #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys 



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