Decoding Lorde Royals Remix

 Decoding the meaning behind the verses in my Lorde Royals remix.

Collecting quarters in the street
I’m from a place where money’s mandatory not a means
I’m from a place where people fantasize of finer things
I’m from a place where lost greater than gains

These first four bars I’m talking about valuing small increments of money, every cent is meaningful to the future we dream about although our expenses often drive us even worst then where we started.

Check to Check living yea I get it, it’s a system
Can’t afford to spare dollars to fight cancer
Click the no button when store clerk asks ya
feeling bad life is pressure

It seems like the majority of the jobs that are distributed never amount to anything beyond paying bills. Coming to the realization that this is how things are when the cashier ask you if you want to donate a dollar to help children fight cancer and you can’t because that dollar has to go to being able to afford lunch tomorrow. You know it’s the right thing to donate but doesn’t seem the best option if that will cause you to go hungry tomorrow.

Precious like diamonds
or the kids the be dying
ensuring that your wrist is shinning
$50 chain yo Rochelle be Rockin
People do their things yea I’m frugal minded

There is a cost on the way you spend your money, Some can cost the lives of children. Is a diamond worth a child’s life? People have their things but I general like to buy what I like and what I think looks good despite how everyone else feels.

Picking each other apart
I mean it’s killing us
Absence of fear is love
I Hear fearful hearts
Beating us up
Feel the pain from the punch
We don’t recognize as hurt so I’ll take it as such

We talk about each other for not having or if somebody likes something that’s different. it is helps us mask our fears. Fear kills and separates us from living in peace but we don’t realize it so we just go with the flow.

In this particular song I associated Royals with living in peace.  Not only will we never be royals because we don’t know how but it’s also in the way the system is set up leads us away from being royals.

Never say never it don’t happen until the mean time
Rochelle stay rapping like mummy’s on Halloween time
They say you get money it magnifies you true side
Your fool side, a visionary who pretend blind

Never know when you will get your peace but it’s not in money. Money only brings to the light the things that was all ready inside you to do or act upon. It may also be used as an attempt to hide things about yourself as well.

Believes royals in the wealth line
Stand their in misery watching time fly
The physical mind is saying it makes since
The spirit is saying it’s a piece you aint seen yet.

We work hard at doing things we hate because we think peace is in having lots of money so we waste a lifetime chasing after something that’s not meant to be captured. This concept money is not equal to happiness doesn’t make much sense to the natural mind but brings joy to our spirit.

Deceived by materials that you seen wit
Talk about ruling you don’t really know who’s ruling this
Bow down to mirror images
or flesh is running, i mean our steps.

The material things that you have that makes you think you’re happy is a temporary high. We let society rule us and make gods our ourselves only serving what the body wants to do. Our flesh determines our lives if we don’t pick up the controller.

Life is funny I mean Mike Epps
or Kevin Heart boxing tall men
I mean it’s cool ha I don’t need no discussion
and if this is how you rule then don’t leave me with nothing
bigging up yourself while you crap on another
we won’t ever be royal we don’t rock with each other

I don’t personally associate with people who do and say what they feel in a selfish manner but we will never achieve great things together until we learn to operate in harmony.

Thus the reason why we will never be Royals. It’s not in our blood because we were born to naturally operate in our faults.

(Sidenote Raekwon followed me on Twitter because of this remix)