DJ Smallz Warns Independent Artists

Opening Act Fraud On Facebook

This video to me personally serves as a reminder of how DJ Smallz is more than a DJ. DJ Smallz was one of the first people I worked for when I first moved out to Atlanta. I loved his mixtapes and he was my favorite DJ. DJ Smallz is very entrepreneurial, smart, has a vision for his brand and excels at bringing that vision to the people.  You may think what I just described about Smallz makes him great. Yes to the business mind of course it does but what made him great was he’s  genuine and caring personality when it came to music. You don’t really see that often in this industry.

I can recall a time when I was first working for him and we were out at an event and he asked me to to hold some of the unsigned artists CDs that were giving him. I held them thinking like he ain’t gonna listen to these records. But throughout the day he would ask me did I still have the CDs and by the end of the night he asked me to give him the CDs that he told me to hold on to.  I asked him was he really going to listen to all these CDs and response was yes its my job to. Much respect to DJ Smallz who continues to do great things in the business and cares enough to listen and let us independent artists know what’s really going on.

I just felt like had to share this video with all my fellow upcoming artist. Please watch and take note the next time someone hits you on your social media.



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