Don’t Forget About The Music

Don’t Forget About The Music

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I remember thanking God for implementing my music plans and putting me in the exact situation I wanted to be for the moment. After that situation was done a little over a year ago, I told him I learned my lesson and no longer want to do the plan I think is right for me but to do what He thinks is right for me. So this past year I’ve been heavily praying for direction. So let me tell you how this all came together. The person I’m in this picture with is Evita Kaigler, she is an established entertainment attorney that I first met 4 or 5 years ago. I hadn’t seen her since until recently when we were in the same place at the same time like 3 months ago. We had a short pleasant conversation that day, but I don’t think prior to that moment we hadn’t had any real interaction. So since that I just recently seen her I’m paying more attention to her and her social media cause we’re fb friends. So one day Evita posts about her new book Don’t Forget About the Music, and it comes across my timeline. I’m thinking I don’t need this cause I’ve read Donald Passman’s book. Before I start scrolling again the holy spirit stops me and says go buy her book. So I did and in the book was the direction I’ve been praying for.

I know you’re thinking what is it about this book so let me tell you. I have been blessed and fortunate enough to have been around a lot of successful people but I have never met anyone quite like Evita Kaigler. After I read Evita’s book Don’t Forget About The Music, I am legit excited every time I see her, I mean legit excited. Like if we are in the same room and there’s people around, I’ll start talking to folks like yooo have you got Evita’s book yet, it’s so dope!

I’m going to tell you guys personally did for me then I’ll tell you what problem she’s conceptually solves in this book which really goes beyond the music industry.

It took me a while to get though the first 20 pages of Don’t Forget About the Music. It only took me so long because she nailing and dead on with EVERY point she was making. A lot of people who are currently working in the industry don’t get it but I’m like wow she gets it. With in the first 3 – 5 pages she low key solved personal issues I was dealing with about aligning with people who share your core personal values and vision, which I had been already thinking about but this was like a confirmation. I never had intentions to work with a lawyer at this point in my career, to be honest I have a bunch a lawyers I can call up in my arsenal. Dealing with lawyers you naturally expect them to have a certain level of intellect but Evita also has prophetic wisdom. She talks a lot about how we are all uniquely designed and living in our purpose.  I’m a smart kat and I was already currently doing about 80% of what she spoke about in the book. She came up with this Exercise in her book called the honesty box which elevated me to the next level where I was like yo I got to find some capacity work with her.  Then I heard this interview with her on this podcast and she talked about how when she first got started how she positioned herself as brand on myspace. At that point I was like man she is brilliant!

But anyway Don’t Forget About The Music is a dope book. I mean I can attest  to it myself  and my own journey being #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys it has already helped me during valleys of living out my purpose. This book contains such an encouraging power to it that if you were feeling a little down it’s def worth the read.

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