Drake and Young Thug

drake-and-young-thugI can’t remember if I wrote about this already and I’m too lazy to fact check so here we go. I remember after one of my shows this kid came up to me and he furiously says “I’m better than Drake and Young Thug“….The Drake part yea I get, but the Young Thug….I got thrown completely off about.  But I tried to explain to him how this game is not about talent anymore. My deep desire to be great is just a part of my personal brand value that I create.  But I remember how I used to think like him, but being an industry insider and actually witness how and why certain people get behind different artists has changed my view. Of course these some of these guys might be into your music but 90% of the time is these guys are already invested into other projects they have to finish seeing through.

I’ve watched a lot of people in Atlanta run and chase after people but I’m not into that. Those people aren’t making me any money so what’s the point and when do you decide that you are going be the source and instead of expediting that energy on other people? I can admit it was cool in the beginning, I enjoyed being around all the action. I think what I loved most about it was that I could literally connect with anybody in music my mind thought up and focused on. I really don’t know how all my music dreams are going to come to fruition but “how “isn’t my job although I often try to take on that task. My only Job is to prepare and not chase after people. So I’m slowing down being out at these networking events and speeding up my preparation process. How else do you think I’m going to win all these Grammys? I think what I’m going to start doing here on out is every week document my musical preparation process and share it with you every week.


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