Election Thoughts

real-trumpThroughout the election, I often thought how great Trumps PR was from a visible standpoint. He’s name had to be mentioned 40 – 1 more times than Hillary’s, repetition is just a psychology of science. It’s almost like what happens in the music industry when terrible records become popular because we are hearing it all the time.

I never thought I would be emotional about an election but here we are. I had several conversations with several people who said they weren’t going vote because they didn’t like any of the candidates or they were going to vote independently. My simple response always is so you want Trump to win. I then went on to briefly explain about the lesser of two evils.

It’s like If have two pieces of candy one is turd flavor the other is grape. Neither pieces are appeasing to you but regardless you’re going to have to eat one. I should have tried harder to get that point across but I always keep it pushing cause I understand that people don’t understand at the same level. And honestly, I still got some ways to go about certain things. But this is not the time to point fingers. It’s critical that we all come together, we all need each other right now.

And Get motivated because if anything this shows you can do anything in this world.  If Trump can be President, I can surely receive Eight Grammys.


Fun Fact: Everybody knows I’m cartoon buff and grew up off the Simpsons, so I’m in awe how they predicted this was going to be the future of America and predicted a lot of the states Trump was going to win.



























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