Emerging a Trend

Emerging a Trend


Meet LRoc! He’s an incredible producer who was a big part of the production during the Lil Jon era. He actually won a Grammy for the work in did on Lil Jon and Usher “yeah” record.

While I was recording my EP Rise & Fall he would tell me all these cool stories of what it was like in the music industry in the ATL during that time.

Last week I was there he was sharing with me about what it means to create a trend and how you create one. If you do it right it’s something you can it eat off forever.

He told me he just recently got some award for one of Drake’s “Free” record because they sampled some of the music he produced on it.

Although LRoc played a lot of simple stuff on the keys during the crunk era, he’s an incredible keyboard player and because he understands music in such a unique way he’s production never sounds dated which is hard for a lot of producers who’s been in the game for a while have a tough time achieving.  I can’t wait to hear the great to hear the dope music he comes out with this year!

While I was in the studio with LRoc I was telling him how I was in a different kinda space and we were talking about it. I think from here on out do these blogs differently now in a transformative way but I will share more with you guys about that later.


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