Expect the UN-expected…

Expect the UN-Expected…

So the headphone that I had for 10 years recently broke. Which I can’t be mad at cause 10 years is a long to for something to still be working good.


But they unexpectedly broke which wasn’t in my budget. 


So naturally, go through the long list of friends who I’ve straight given money to and I hit somebody I have given too and is the most capable of being able to do this solid.


Then last week I was at church and I wasn’t really paying attention but the band members were passing around this money. I had went up on stage to put something back and they handed me the money as was like here you go Rochelle! 


Skeptical to take money cause that’s how I am, I was like are you sure cause I gonna use this to put to the fund to replace my headphones that broke. They said yea go ahead!  


That moment just reminded me, that I don’t have to make my own way. 


God will take care of me regardless of anyone’s loyalty or principles. He takes care of his own. That’s the benefit of being in the body of Christ. 

Why you should Invest in the Person & NOT the Idea.

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