I saw the movie IT last weekend. It’s an entertaining movie that presented an interesting salutation of fear.


The film is a visual representation that manifestation starts in the mind.


Emotions are our personal employees.


 They are designed to work 24/hrs a day in the mind to take what’s inside us and manifest it in the physical word.


They are such great workers that if not given any tasks they will take initiative and keep working not knowing if it’s right or wrong.


As an employer, it’s our job to direct their paths.


See when you’re in fear you’re manifesting Stan’s plans for your life


When you’re in frustration you’re in your plans for your life.


When you’re in rest your manifesting God’s plans for your life.


See next week it will be exactly 30 days until my birthday. I decided I don’t want to spend the rest of my life operating in how I lived previous years.


It’s time for a new operating system.


The blog I will be talking about my current operating system and what the new one looks like and each blog post after you will see how I’m transforming each week.


Click here to read how I was crumbling last week

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