For Multimillionaires Only

For Multimillionaires Only










Me along with 19 other of my multimillionaire friends are planning on a nice vacation in the next 4 years to this private island in the picture above. If you are a multimillionaire and interested in attending this trip here all more details about this trip in my last blog here. 

As you can tell we will arrive to this island in the evening, I would like to have gotten there in the morning but I had to do an festival somewhere earlier that day.  Once we bring our luggage inside we explore the beach until the sun sets. Then it’s a late dinner  in the cabana while we sit around a table full of laughter taking in the beauty of the island and make arrangements about what we want to do the next day.

Each month I we keep you updated with our vacation coming up! If you missed the run down of this whole vacation make sure you check here:



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