I was having a conversation with a person that I personally sought out to work

with musically.

And she was basically saying how she was down and out and how nothing was

working out right.

I broke it down to her like these circumstances are designed to get her off her

path and what she was experiencing is deception.

I know she’s gonna be very successful regardless if she feels like it or not.

I can always call it. 


Listen….at the top of the year,

I had a convo with one of my music supervisor buddies.

I was like have you heard of Ruelle? She is incredibly

great at what she does. 

And at the time I only heard 1 record. 

Now as we wrap up the year she is the #1 Synced artist this year… 


I just found out not too long ago, that one of the many Silicon Valley peoples I

met and was networking with made the Forbes 30 under 30 list… 

You’ll probably hear more stories like this because of people who I choose to 

surround myself with.


Who I am and the team of people I have creating with me are not to be taken lightly.


Once the is “process” is over which consist of lessons I need to learn,

skills I need to enhance,

people I need to meet or who believe in my vision… I believe I’m going to have


an extreme amount of prosperity consistently for over 10 years because


I already know who to call and what to do. 


But until then the journey continues…




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