Fort Knox Indie-Pendent Panel

Fort Knox’s Indie-Pendent Panel


Scotty ATL, Wendy Day, Fort Knox, Steven Dingle, Sy Ari Da Kid

Fort Knox is definitely a staple in Atlanta’s Independent Hip-Hop scene. You can catch this man hosting something every week! He’s one of my favorite personalities and honestly I’m anticipating when he hits that mega outlet that allows him to really blow up. I know it’s gonna happen and I’m excited about that! But there is no one better then him to put an indie panel together like he did.

I remember when I first came out to Atlanta and I would see Fort Knox around but I never wanted to talk to him because I wanted our first meeting to be on the stage instead so he could witness me perform. So I think our first meeting may have been at apache during some showcase but I was finally happy to know him and we’ve been cool ever since!

Of course you can’t have a panel like this without someone as knowledgeable as Wendy Day in the room! Wendy Day has been dropping knowledge for years! I remember when I was in high school living in Indiana my mentor Finger Roll told me about her. He told me about Murder Dog Magazine and how helpful Wendy was if I ever had any music business questions. So I gained my first real music business knowledge going to Wendy Day’s website. She informed me about Donald Passman’s book her site and she was the reason why I brought it. I can really go on and on about Wendy Day and how great she is. She definitely came through for me in a clutch when I needed her the most while down at school. I remember when I finally moved down to Atlanta and I first seen her in person during the panel at an A3C event some years back. All I know is my eyes started watering up lol and I was just so happy and grateful to finally get to thank her in person for all the knowledge and help she has giving me over the years. So if you’re in need of knowledge make sure you get some here: 

Fort Knox also brought in  Scotty ATL and Sy Ari Da Kid who are notable Hip-Hop artists that I have been fortunate enough to be on the same show line up with a couple times. Sometimes you just be grinding, grinding, grindings and not even looking up to see how far you’ve came. Man I just realized that I’ve done a lot and I’m glad that all these people are a part of my journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys Major S/o to Fort Knox for presenting this panel! I’m sure not just me but every artist appreciated it!

IndieHitmaker Present Merch Panel at A3C

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