Founder Field Day 2016

Founder Field Day 2016


I just got back to ATL after going to San Francisco for the Rothenberg Ventures Founder Field Day event. The event was dope but honestly if you have good food at your events I’ll probably say it was dope regardless if it was or not. haha but seriously it was a great private event held at the baseball stadium, learn somethings, met a lot of great people and tried out some more awesome VR demos.

Mike has got this culture he’s created down packed. I think how he’s building everything is brilliant. Rothenberg Ventures has the right mix of people there and I rock with a lot of them. This is probably like my 3rd time connecting with them and over the course of time 3 people have really stood out to me and I’m going to tell you why.

I never liked getting random emails to my work email address when I had a 9 – 5, only because when that chime when off saying I got a new message it was annoying and probably drove my anxiety levels up thinking I was getting an email with yet another task I did not want to do.  But I personally will send out an email weekly just keeping everybody up to date and keeping myself current in people mind in case they ever need me to do anything musically for them but and all I usually have is people’s work emails so I just go with it. I thought to myself like man if people were smart they would just ask me to send my updates to their non work email.

Out of the 15 hundred people I email every week, Tommy is the only person ever to say to switch out of his work email to his personal. In that moment I knew that he operated in on a whole different level.

The 2nd person who stood out to me this weekend was Sophia. You guys should know Sophia, she runs the AllThingsVr blog, where I get all my virtual reality information. The way she was talking on that FFD panel made me smirk because I realized she on her way to becoming a billionaire and I don’t even know if other people caught what I heard her speak that day. She’s ahead of the game that’s all I’m going to say for now.

The last person who has consistently stood out to me the moment I met her is Soya. I love the way she works. I guarantee she’s going to be successful at whatever she does. She wasn’t even feeling good the other day and she was still taking meetings and working. She moves differently than everyone else and how she goes about her business is dope.

Anyway like I said I rock with a lot of people of there, those 3 just happened to really happen to stand out in my mind from a business sense. I def got to spend some more time out in San Francisco and with the whole tech world. Hoping to create a dope video out there for my new Silicon Valley single.



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