Furious 7

Rochelle “Hot 16” attends private screening of Furious 7

I attended a private screening of the new The Fast and the Furious movie and after all these years, these movies are still good!!! Usually movie sequences get tired after the third one, but man this movie was really good and you didn’t even have to see the one before that to enjoy it. Ludacris and his team have definitely made some excellent decisions of what brands to be a part of and Fast & Furious and the Crash movie are a few of them! I keep forgetting to ask him how he got to be Ludacrest in the Simpson’s but I still gotta find that one out. But until the movie comes out, you guys can look forward to his new album Ludaversal dropping March 31! Get your pre orders now  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ludaversal-deluxe/id974136463



Encounter with Polow da Don Click Here 



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