GSP 1This pass weekend I was invited on set during the filming of the Horror/Thriller movie GSP, written, produced and directed by Carla Saunders. This was nothing short of an experience for me. I realize that this what my first time ever being on set of a horror film. This movie shows when technology codependence endangers a group of friends traveling to reach their destination. I honestly can’t wait to see how this film comes out.


Carla Saunders

Everyone on set was so professional and working hard to produce the essence of the storyline. I came in around the time they stared shooting the scene pictured at the top, with the two ladies sitting in the car. It was the weirdest experience because their acting was so good that as they were arguing then screaming for their lives, my adrenaline began pumping while I was watching. Just their intensity in their voices made me feel they were in real trouble.  My mind had to keep telling my body that this wasn’t real. Then I thought man, If anybody happens to randomly walk by they probably will think that somebody is really in trouble.

Just based on that very real experience I had on set makes me excited for the film’s release! To watch exclusive clips and for more info about the films release add the GPS FB page at the link below.

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