Grammys Holiday Party

inviteEnding the year with what looks like a very promising 2016. I just received my Grammy invite in the mail and now I’m even more focused than ever!

The framed Grammys ticket signed by Ludacris you see behind the official invite is  the first time I every got the opportunity to go to the Grammys which you can read about in my previous posting here:

To end the year, the Recording Academy had an holiday celebration at the Westin Hotel’s Sun Dial Restaurant.  

We had a great time mixing, mingling, celebrating the nominees and discussing our future music plans. It’s always nice to around who value music as much as I do. Music plays such a big role in my life that we can literally have nothing else in common but music and it would be enough to sustain our relationship. In fact I rarely notice that we don’t have anything else in common.

I mean I have friends as old as 75, from all ethnicities, social classes, across the country, and international all because we are connected by music. It’s crazy that a shared experience can be that strong where nothing else matters.



Major shot out to my buddy Lee who seen my movement and reached out to me. He taught me all about the recording academy and started inviting me to recording academy Atlanta chapter events. He’s doing some great things with his knowledge and educated others on how to navigate through this industry. I just feel so blessed to have so many advisers on my journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys

Make sure you check Lee out and pick up some of that knowledge I was telling you about below:!themicc/c8ry


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