I Don’t Work as Hard as you Think…

I Don’t Work as Hard as you Think

People love to hear an American Dream story about how they worked hard then reached their goal of being successful. That’s not my story. I don’t work at all really I’m graced to do what I do. I have attributes that align with the path I’m destined to take.

If I naturally wake up every day with ideas on reaching success and how to get better at my craft how can you call that work?

I am able to facilitate and study these ideas and work on my craft because I’m isolated ALL the time. This year alone 7 people I love I don’t speak with anymore. Did we have a falling out? No! I wish I could say we had a falling out that would make more natural sense especially since I’m so loyal.

This isolation causes me to be depressed and the depression sends a natural trigger for me to work out so now I am in shape for every show.

Do you see?


Where is the work in all this?


This is by design.

The relationships I didn’t work for and just were, are some of my best relationships. The relationships I “WORKED” to build never turned out great or how I expected. And I keep working to build them and they turn out terrible every time.

For example, I have this one relationship I put in “Work” for, in the industry, this person rocks with me heavy and said they were gonna do something that was going to bring me in a nice check. They had the power to do but it never happened…

I remember I was on the phone with my buddy Ed and we were probably talking about somebody I met and he was giving me kudos on my grinding and I was like you know what….I don’t even believe that when it all comes into fruition it’s going to be through my works. It’s going be something completely random, unexpected and nothing I personally had a hand in.

So if you admire me for my work ethic don’t…I may not Netflix binge on as much as the next person but I still do it. I know a successful rapper is the end my of the story, you can look at my life design and tell that.

The problem is I have a freight train amount of energy to spend every day. And sometimes I don’t know the right things spend it on and I know it can no longer be spent on that type of relationship building. But if I don’t spend it anxiety and depression is there to spend it for me. Anyway, I’m still working on figuring everything out. But in other news I’m getting ready to drop another single pretty soo but if you haven’t already got my EP Rise & Fall here’s another opportunity for you to do such: iTunes, Amazon or Name Your Price.



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