Iconic Nights

 Iconic Nights

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I caught up with Ian Burke last weekend! It was odd because I had just been thinking about him the other day and then he appeared! Icon studios threw an event at Aloft hotel last friday. They had a nice live event outside the hotel which I thought was pretty cool. The vibe was definitely dope there. I went to the panel they had earlier to catch up on some knowledge. The music industry always feels like some puzzle that I’ve been trying to put together my whole life. I feel I have all the pieces and now just organizing them and putting them together.

But it’s all a part of my journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys. Big S/o to Ian for always supporting my music. I actually recorded my project Enough Icon Studios.

Enough CoverIf you haven’t heard the project yet click here and give it a listen Below: http://rochellehot16.com/music/



Click to See DJ Era’s the Behind The Music Event

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