I’ll be Over Here

I’ll Be Over Here

HereI’m probably one of the most pickiest artists when it comes to music I like. I think I’ve reached a point in urban music where I can’t even pretend to like what’s coming out. The mere sound wave energy of some of these records makes my head hurt and my body tense up.  The majority of the messages in urban music are very primal and lacking elevation.  It’s like the artist is saying words just to be saying words. I think artists who loosely speak on records sow seeds of destruction. But everybody is responsible for their own time in this world. I believe if I want hear better quality music it’s not just my job to make these records but it also my job to buy and share these superlative records that other artist are making.

One of the artist quality artists that I came across of during my journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys is Alessia Cara. Her song titles “Here” sums up the thoughts I think in my head every time I got to the club or a party. Listen below.


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