Improving Diversity in Tech

Improving Diversity in Tech

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I was very excited to have caught up with Wayne Sutton, Co-Founder of Tech Inclusion, which is a company that focuses on creating solutions for diversity in the tech industry. Of course I had to make sure to link with him because if you’ve heard my interview on WRFG you would I know I’ve created this record Silicon Valley also to expose other young minorities to what’s going on in the tech world and inspire them to get involved into some of this content creation.

We had a great conversation about where we are currently at in life and what we were trying to achieve. It made me realize even more how I currently can’t yield my energies past this music. I have a lot of great things I want to do in entertainment, investing and activism after the music but right now I’m 100% fully committed to music. It’s funny because we talked about the steps of how to fulfill our goals and how it’s not as straight of a path we’d thought it’d be. I feel like we’re actually climbing some sort of weird spiral staircase.

The steps in my head for me was internship, industry job then music career. The last stair I had to take for my music career had a gold lining on it but the wood was warped, with large cracks in it. It was unstable and not connected to the rest of the stairs going up. Since then I then began my journey for another way up. #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys

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