Indiehitmaker presents Merch Panel at A3C

Indiehitmaker presents Merch Panel at A3C

IMG_3089Bram Bessoff and Fazal “Foz Rock” Syed had one of the dopest panels at A3C this year, and I’m not just saying that cause I know these guys! There’s tons of valuable advice that can be received during the conference but I think they provided excellent consultation on how us indie artists can win fans and sell more merch.

At the end of the panel, artists got to come up and present their best piece of merch in front of the panel and other attendees. They really made you think by inquiring not only the product but the cost to make it, how much they sell it for and how well does the item sells. It made question my own merch and think about what items that would yield a return would work for my brand.

The audience got to vote on what artist’s merch they liked best. The winner was an artist who made these snapback hats. I think that everybody really enjoyed the panel and benefited from from the panelist and audience feedback. So major S/o to Indiehitmaker for putting this on! You can find out more about them via the link below.


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