Inside The Label DTP

Inside the Label: DTP


DTP has been like family to me literally since the first day I moved to Atlanta, over 5 years ago. I never worked to receive this relationship. I never sought after them. They were a blessing God perfectly placed in my life. I never had something like that just happen like that before.

Watching the DTP Inside the Label episode just reminded how blessed I am to have been around them. Their episode was dope. They ended the episode saying that they’re still creating their Legacy and I agree.

Legacy is vital. I think sharing knowledge, experiences and opportunities with someone younger is the lifeblood of your legacy and DTP will be forever a part of my backstory. They served as confirmation that lead me to believe that these 8 Grammys are happening now.

Like Ludacris, I have also had to find back ways in the industry and use that money saved up to invest in my music. All you can do is make the best decisions possible and keep grinding.  I never even knew Chaka had such a hard time trying to break Chris’s records while having a label job. If you haven’t seen this documentary definitely go watch it.  After watching, I felt grateful and even more motivated on my journey #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys

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