Invest in the Person NOT the Idea

Invest in the Person NOT the Idea

I just want to start by saying in all my years of putting money into people, investing in Aisha Tylers film “Axis” is an investment I am most proud of. Before you guys get any ideas, let me start by saying I made a plan to give away x amount of dollars to people in the past 2 years. That money is gone…


Now the money that a put into Aisha’s Kickstarter wasn’t a huge investment but it was more than I would put up for someone I never met.


I first found out about Aisha Tyler because she played a character on the cartoon Archer. I’ve been watching cartoons for my entire life and never have I ever before wanted to know who was playing a cartoon character.  I thought that was odd that I did but I could tell it was something there so I did my googles.


After I did my googles I found Aisha had a podcast called “Girl on Guy” where she would interview a bunch of dope people in the entertainment industry starting from the beginning of there lives to where they are at currently. I enjoyed that podcast a lot because it helped me understand the journey of those who were in entertainment other than music.

Through a couple years, after listening to about 50 – 75 hours of her podcast this is what I was for sure about Aisha Tyler.


–  She believed in creating great art


–  She is highly intelligent


– She has a great work ethic. Now she had never put together a full feature before but she was prepared. I knew she had put in the work interviewing, shadowing on shows, studying films, directing and cutting her own smaller projects.


–  And because she spent so much time talking to different people constantly I knew she had a wide spectrum of humanity. Understanding that, and being able to implement that is the foundation of what makes impactful films.


I never looked at what the film was about or what genre it was. I never cared about what she didn’t know or what she never done before, achievement runs through her veins. 

The moment I knew it was gonna be a good film is when she sent out those T-shirts and they were high-quality, American Apparel and the design on it was lit….I was like yea…this movie is about to be good.


I watched the film a couple weeks ago and I was just soo proud. I was like yessss I was right! 😀


– The concept for the film with the budget was smart. If Mercedes wasn’t her sponsor they should have been cause now I definitely want a G wagon.


–  The guy in the movie as hot and had an accent so it kept me engaged.


–  I was impressed by what a phenomenal job she did with music choices she made in the film. As an artist, because that’s my lane, I be mad when the music ain’t right. But the way she wove the music in and out the film had a very interesting rhythmic pattern between the scenes when music would cut back on.  


–   The way she told the story as a director I think was dope. Because I felt like the film had its own unique distinguished voice.


–  I love the way that a familiar story was told in a different way and along the journey, you ended up in a new place.


Then I watched like a little Q&A about the film that I found online and I was just so happy that I put money into that because in that moment I knew she is going to be a prominent director, and know she is on her way to bringing something new and


I’ve personally have made the mistake of investing in people who weren’t ready before. People have good ideas all day but rarely carry them out. Remember that TLC Kickstarter? lol…Invest in the person not the idea.


Aisha Tylers Film Axis is now available on…. ITUNES, AMAZON, DIRECTV, GOOGLE PLAY, FANDANGO NOW, AND VUDU.


Watch Trailer below.



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