Is Your Music a Career or Hobby?

Is Your Music a Career or Hobby?


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My whole thinking about music, how I move and the people I deal with has completely altered in the past 2 to 5 months. 2016 starts the year I can solely focus 100% on my music and all that’s involved in it which is a complete blessing I’m excited about! There is a distinct difference in whether somebody’s music is a career or a hobby. I never thought about the difference in what a career and hobby path looks like until recently. I got a first hand look at these two separate paths when I realized that the people I would put my name on the line for kept missing these opportunities I would set up for them. So eventually I came to recognize the signs between a music career and a music hobby. Your music career is a hobby when the music comes second. And I’ll be the first to say that my mind state is a little jacked up about this but here’s a list of the signs below.

If your music comes 2nd to the following your music career is a hobby:

  • WORK

And yes and much as I hate to admit it all those years I was in school and/or working, music in all actuality was a hobby, because these other factors had precedent over the music. In my mind it definitely wasn’t though but because of school and work my actions said different.

Another sign that music is just a hobbies is when you have a fantasy for you music and not a plan. Hobbies have no plans. I would always be spending time doing all types of music and collaborations just to be doing it cause I had no plan. I loved music, it’s my definite purpose in life but after I was done making it there was no legit plan of what I was supposed to be doing with it other than putting it on “the internet”.

One of the final signs that your music career is a hobby is spending money on studio time, open mics, multiple videos and cd duplications with no legit plan in breaking even or any type of plan to retrieve a return on investment. There is something weird about the every artist following this plan. Their goal is in hoping somebody will give them a break.  This is as about as strategic as putting money into a scratch off hopping it will give them a million dollars.

Figuring out way to sustain your music is a career. Hoping someone will sustain your music is a hobby. 

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