Joe Budden Likes my Rhymes!!

Joe Budden Likes my Rhymes ūüėÄ


13700221_10103581632950858_9056971553663537580_nYou know it’s interesting how this all came about. ¬†I was in a mind frame¬†where I didn’t want to spit¬†for people¬†because I feel like the industry doesn’t value talent anymore. People would always ask me to spit in a very condensing¬†way. I mean regardless how you ask or what you say after I say, hmm I rather not. It doesn’t change the truth that I excel at what I do and you cannot take that away from me. ¬†Plus rapping to rap is not the reason why I rap. I think differently than a lot people and I feel like there is only one main narrative out there. At the end of the day I’m a philosopher, what ¬†you’re getting in my music is revelation of what I think about life over exceptional instrumentals my producers create.

Everybody’s opinion does not matter, only the ones that you respect. If you’re living a life where everybody’s opinion does matter to you, I can almost guarantee¬†you’re having a hard time living.

People don’t understand that popularity is the most disingenuous thing. Why would you want that? It’s not a thing that you should aim to achieve it’s just a side effect of being great. But what it does tell me is that you are spiritually unfilled because people who are don’t go out and look for that. I just want real people I can count on around.

Regardless of what your situation is you should be living a peaceful life, not a perceived peaceful life.

I think Joe is just out here¬†pushing the uninspired to keep going and being¬†great. Remember I’m in a zone where I feel like people don’t value talent anymore. I can’t explain it, and I don’t know if everyone experiences this or if this is just an artist thing. But when I hear a record I can subconsciously and vibrationally understand exactly¬†what’s¬†going on in that persons life.

Joe thinking my rhymes are fire means something to me, Joe not liking Drake album means something to Drake. You know why, because we both respect this man’s opinion and people who you respect can speak to you in a way others can’t. Joe didn’t do what he did for¬†a popularity thing or attention grab thing cause if he did he¬†wouldn’t have released the joint how¬†he did. That wasn’t a record for consumers,¬†he was speaking specifically¬†to Drake. So when you a read message that wasn’t meant for you and don’t understand it, that’s why.

Joe Budden¬†is fighting for¬†hip-hop. People thought Drake wasn’t going to respond him over some accolades. Real respect is a inside out thing, not an outside in thing. Just because Trump has generated wealth doesn’t mean we respect him. And just because Ghandi wasn’t the richest man in the world doesn’t mean that we didn’t¬†respect him. Inspiration can only be driven by the people you respect and I think it’s a good thing when that person cares enough to want to keep you motivated.

But take this post as a parable because it’s not for everybody to understand but people who do understand get it.

At the end of the day I’m ready to rap, Joe’s ready to rap and Drakes ready to rap.

Get ready Hip-hop!


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One thought on “Joe Budden Likes my Rhymes!!

  1. I think “people” do appreciate good talent BUT it’s all subjective right… Sometimes it depends on “what” people we are talking about. I find that often as artists we forget to engage the “regular” non music industry people that could be a fan. We try to appease the so called “taste makers” instead of the average joe who actually listens to music not to be critical but just for enjoyment. If we make it about the journey we can realize we’ve already “arrived” and can just focus on making better music. And sometimes that’s just music that resonates with the average person.


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