Keep Going

Keep Going


Side note…My hair looks just like this picture. I couldn’t let you seem like this so I posted his pic instead

Keeping going is never an issue for someone with an obsessive personality. I can’t stop until I get there, not even if I wanted to because my life is purposeless without my purpose. What would I do in place of my days I spend creating music, performing, and enhancing my business knowledge? What would I do with the countless hours I spend trying to figure this out and how make it work. Just like Einstein I obsess over finding the solutions.

One thing I learned for sure is that while your in your process of keeping it going there will always be people who will force their opinions on you and will want you to operate their agenda passive aggressively or aggressively. At first I think it’s a personal attack on the depth of my knowledge but then I realize that’s all my Ego talking.  I know for a fact that you can logistically have what seems like the perfect plan but it still won’t yield the desiring results.

Even though I still have a plan, I follow the discernment of my spirit about who I should listen to and what I should apply. Just wait till you see the 2016 recap and yes for sure I’ll keep going, just promise me that this in year instead of offering encouraging words let’s put them into encouraging actions. I know for me people someone sharing my music, showing up to shows or purchasing my projects keeps me going while I’m journeying #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys. So in honor of this blog post take some time today to really encourage someone close by showing them with your actions.


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