LA Chronicles: The Luney Tunez edition


Rochelle “Hot 16″‘s LA Chronicles: The Luney Tunez edition



IMG_2221I decided to dip off to LA for a little bit for meetings, to work on music, catch up with some of my peoples and make new friends. Since I’m #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys I had to make sure I stopped by to see Grammy Award winning producer Luney Tunez.

He’s particular story very interesting. I remember one night I came by No Tamin Studios and Luney Tunez was there. I came in and he was just like I just got a record placed on Rihanna new album. I think he had just found out. I was like whoa that’s huge!!! It had to be one of the last records added to the album because at the time, her album was set to be released in less than a month. It’s crazy how after putting in work for such a long time your life can just change over night sometimes. Now with a Grammy, Plaque and Pub Deal he’s living in LA. I love it when I see dope, good and talented people succeed. It makes me feel good about life and gases me up on this journey I’m on.  We were definitely on the move that day, we hit Tunez spot then went to check out he’s DJ set at a club down in Hollywood. See what happened that day in LA below.

See what happened after I quit my job last year

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