Ludaversal is Here!

Ludaversal is Here!

IMG_0798I have a lot of respect for Ludacris. I think he works hard and with this new album he delivers a very real aspect of where he’s at now in life. He was super focused on this project.  I remember when he skipped out on the Grammys just to work on music. That’s how I got the opportunity to go. 😀 Which by the way is my most prized moment to date.  #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys But anyway, Ludaversal was a dope project. I connected with a lot of the records. My favorite joints are Grass is Always Greener  and Ocean Skies. I love the grass is always greener because I had wrote a record like that a couple years back. I will never understand why things always look better until you get them and be like dang. I guess it’s just a trait of human nature.

S/o to Ludacris for doing me that favor. I wanted to get my brother something special so he would always remember his 30th birthday so I got him the perfect present.



My brothers been a Ludacris fan for a long time. I remember when my brother used to take me to highschool and we would ride around listening to the DTP compilation CD. So to be able to do something like this for him really meant a lot.

Thanks Chris! 🙂






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