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I get this prompting for a few days to call this kid. So I ended up calling, checking on them to see what’s new. They’re excited and tell me some DJ is looking to manage them.  I said who? They was like some DJ from Hot 97. I said Hot 97, Hot 97….like in New York Hot 97? They was like yea. Ok that’s dope, I’ll roll with it. So cool what’s the DJs name? They tell it to me…Never heard of the guy. Cool, I don’t know everybody  so I’m still open to listening to this situation. So they proceed  to tell me how the DJ was telling them that there music packaging was all over the place and that they needed paperwork with somethings. I’m still with this conversation at this point. Until they told me that this DJ said they were going to try managing them out for a couple months and wanted $600 for it. Then the red flag goes up. I stop them immediately and say yo that don’t sound right.

So then they started talking about the DJ had a conversation with their mom and they got this thing going with Legal Zoom so if he’s doesn’t do what he supposed to they can sue. (I’m not gonna get into the legal aspect, I’ll leave the comment section open so my attorney friends can chime in if they like) But at this point a million red flags are going off and I’m so uncomfortable with continuing to entertain this conversation that I just get off the phone. I’m the type to tell you the facts then let you go an do your own thing. The last thing I say before getting off the phone is, make sure you finish reading the book I told you, that you should read.

So we get off the phone, I’m still super uneasy so I google this DJ’s name and it took me 2 seconds to find out he wasn’t legit. He had an internet radio station that was playing off of the Hot 97 name -_- . So then my conscience tells me that you have to call them back and tell them they should absolutely not move forward with this because it’s irresponsible if you don’t.

I called them back and told them that this person wasn’t legit. Then I dropped a major key on them. I said anybody can tell you anything about anything but if you don’t read and get this knowledge for yourself you have nothing to compare what these people are telling you to.

I believe nobody in this industry should be taken for face value, nobody. As you climb up the ladder I can give you serval different examples were deception occurs at each level. They happened have gotten trapped at the lower level. The scammer who senses and preys on desperation of brand new artists. I know some other people on higher levels who prey on broken individuals and deceive them into situations but that story for another time.

In the blog next week I’ll drop another major key about how I operate in this jungle called the music industry, the books I read, and the kinds of people I keep around.


Oh and just so you know this Nas record inspired me take some time out to drop all these Major Keys.


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