Make Investments in Yourself

Make Investments in Yourself

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I have no greater pleasure in the world than to pay others their services but now I’m back at the entrepreneurial point where I have to get back to doing everything myself until everything comes into fruition like it’s supposed to. The freedom to create and to create at certain quality is something I value highly. So I went out and brought this AKG 414 mic that sounds awesome with my voice. Keeping my music at certain quality level is one of my highest priorities. Every time I work with new people, I learn more and more about myself. This week I learned I seriously don’t like rushing to create records. It’s unfulfilling to me. It’s literally cool for that fleeting moment but it sounds like everything else and because I can get what was created from anybody else everywhere else it has no intrinsic value. I don’t mind doing that on remixes because that was doing remixes are for, momentary pleasure but on original records, nah but if it’s not inspired I’m not a super fan of doing remixes either. If you see me with a remix 8 out of 10 times was because I was inspired. I just continue on my stride of steady working on making moving music while my feet continue to walk the path


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