Meeting Sara Hopkins

Meeting Sara Hopkins

I think it’s cool to introduce someone to an entire new network of people.

Everybody meet Sara Hopkins! I met her a couple days ago while on my journey in introducing people to my Silicon Valley record. One thing I love about Atlanta is that there is IMG_5745always more that you just don’t know about and Sara was one of those people I didn’t know about. She’s social media personality based out of Atlanta.

I think it’s dope because as a rapper in the entertainment industry I don’t think i’ve ever met anyone like that who wasn’t selling you a byproduct besides themselves. When we started following each other on instagram and I was shocked that we live in the same city and our network of people are so different. She has over 200,000 followers on the gram and out of that it was like only 3 people I knew was following her.

I know I’m going to start supporting her content and introduce her to my network of people! So everybody meet Sara Hopkins. I thought this video about her Pokemon adventures in the A would be a intro. Funny story watch below.




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