My 60 sec pursuit of a Voice Over Career…

My 60 sec pursuit of a Voice Over Career…

People who know me know that I really enjoy cartoons and that I wouldn’t mind being a character for that young check.  So I went to this voice over panel just to get a vibe of the whole industry.

When the panel was over, all it did was strengthen my desire as a rapper even more. 

They were talking about how being a voice-over actor it’s not as easy as you think and all the work and training you have to put in to do it. It just made me want to continue to put in work as a rapper.

I think one of the most important lessons I can give you about life is know who you are, not who people want you to be.

Just because you have the ability to clean up doesn’t mean you should be a janitor.

You know I love Eric Bellinger, he’s a great guy. He had this interview on Joe Budden Podcast and about his dis record he made to after Tory Lanez made a rap song and dis him. So Eric made a dope R&B song and addressed Tory on it.

Joe asked Eric why did he respond singing rather than to dis him rapping. Eric responded “I know my gifts” and I know the things I can do say vocally with my voice. 

All I’m gonna say is I can’t wait till I reach the end of my journey because I know God is going to get all the glory for it. 



Who’s in your corner matters…

One thought on “My 60 sec pursuit of a Voice Over Career…

  1. The most versatile tool you have in your arsenal is your voice. Having the ability to control how your tool is used and when is #Hot16. Great music… Amazing voice… #8xGrammys

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