My Greatest Mistake

My Greatest Mistake

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No one is supposed to put you on. It’s up to you to create your own purpose in this industry and bring it to a sustainable existence. This was something I had to learn the hard way. Being from the Midwest where there is hardly any entertainment industry, we thrived off the idea that coming across someone in the business, giving them your music or rapping for them at random was your “Big Break” because it was so rare that those types music industry people came around. I mean seriously. The struggle was real in Indiana. I remember one day I called my Grandma crying because these guys I was rapping with wouldn’t let me rap with them when they got the opportunity to open for Lil Scrappy. I thought that was going to be my big break lol. A few years later I got introduced to Lil Scrappy and we began chatting while we were waiting for our bags at the airport.  I reminisced to that moment in Indiana and smirked.

During my time in Indiana, my passion for rapping and music was raw and uncontrollable. It was just pure purpose with no thought onto how things really worked. During my music pursuit I ended up developing a relationship with a big artist who’s music I was really into. Not only was I into their music but we had so much stuff in common that we just built a good rapport with each other over the years. We had dope interactions but it never failed every 2 – 3 months I would consistently hit them and be like when we gonna do music? I authentically could not control myself and had asked that question at least 3 or 4 times though out the year, until one day they responded and said “I’m not in the position were I can do that right now”. It was an honest response and It took my years later to understand what that meant. I was young and just didn’t understand. After they told me that there was still a period of time where I would beg them to let me feature on their upcoming mixtape until eventually they stopped talking to me. I was sad because I felt like a lost out on a homie and at that point forward I never talked about my music with any celebrity or industry person again.

But it’s impossible to hide from your definite purpose. Even though I never told tastemakers about my music they ALWAYS found out about it and had a genuine interest in what I was doing. This journey is full of ups and downs but if you follow your path to your purpose you will always end up where you are supposed to be. #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys 

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One thought on “My Greatest Mistake

  1. This is very aspiring. Actually a couple paragraphs almost made me cry. That feeling of wanting something so bad you talk about it everyday, you breathe it, live it, and think about it consistently. Moments no one else can seem to understand, because you want it so bad how can they not see how bad you want it and support you? You know. How can they ignore the passion? I loved this blog post. Many of the greatest artists had to fight everyday until they got that one break. I’m rooting for you girl. You truly are on your way in my opinion.

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