My Secret Weapon

My Secret Weapon



This guy above is someone I am most proud of and brag to all the time to my music industry friends about. Meet Cameron Benson, if you’ve ever heard me talk about my “SEO” or “Web Guy” this is who I’m talking about. We went to school together and were both a part of this elite entrepreneurial program. He failed out the program during our last year before the spring semester. I saw him at the club a month later and I remember we stepped outside the venue and were talking for a real long time that night and he was like “Guess what, I made 12 thousand dollars this month.”

Recently, he called me and was like “I made $40,000 this month!” He probably has already made more money than me and everybody who graduated that year with a degree in Entrepreneurship combined.

He’s all around a good guy and has helped a lot of my personal industry friends out and has always had time for me and has help me out tremendously with all my internet endeavors. He is one who told first told me about MailChimp so my emails would look nice and how to write blogs in the proper format so they will generate traffic. He’s patient with me when I don’t get it cause half the time I don’t and always helps me keep motivated by sharing new ideas with me.

One thing I love about Cam is that he’s an expert and does do what he says. 90% of people never know the depths of my knowledge and all the people I really know. Half the reason why is because I think it’s slightly entertaining when people lie about subject matters they don’t know about or try to school me in something that I have extensive knowledge about but I really believe though me Cameron is going to change the scape of how to generate wealth in the music industry. I’m excited, proud, and honored to have him #OnTheRoadToEightGrammys with me. Thank you Cam for everything you’ve done/doing for me words alone cannot express 🙂


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