I Remember one day I was listening to I’ll Name this Podcast Later and Marisa from Hot 97 was speaking and I’m thinking like why is it that I’m relating to so much of what she’s saying. That’s when it dawned on me. There’s nobody who’s on these major Radio and TV speaking platforms who’s under 30. I have my ideas about why that is but I’m not going get into all that. Also, I don’t believe I know a lot of people around my age who have not just the business mindset but also the work experiences to back it up aside from Amber, Sean and Tunde.  But Amber Grimes has done a lot with companies like Bu Vision and Ncredible and artists like Kcamp and recently was on Nick Cannon’s new show Like a Boss. It’s always love every time I see Amber so I just wanted to support her podcast.

Listen to her new podcast and I’m sure you’ll learn from her what I have no patience to teach my peers about. She had some dope things to say about starting businesses and work ethic which….Please don’t even look at me if you don’t grind. I enjoyed it, I’m sure you will too! Listen Above!

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